About us


Through a broad process of creativity and knowledge we design every pair of shoes from the ground up. Influenced by today’s trends we create a new functional product that’s fashionable.


Our designers work close to our manufacturers in the EU to re-create our own designs. Al our products are handmade with only real leather by professional tailors.


Next to our knowledge in designing and manufacturing we also market our own products in our own brand. Where every brand is representation of it’s own expertise.


In 2011 we started ToExplore to continue our pursue our passion for design footwear. With 45 years of experience in sales and marketing we wanted a new challenge to make a product where functionality, design and quality are our top priority. By making a team that’s all-around with in aspects of the business.

In 2013 we created our first brand that was created for the adventurer how wanted to use a functional shoe for outdoor. By it’s succes in the Netherlands and later in Western Europe we saw that we had the expertise to make a new brand for inner city people and so in 2017 NoGRZ was established.

Now it is 2018. And we are proud to say that DenBroeck is born. Our business shoes line.

  • Travelin
  • NoGRZ
  • DenBroeck

Our Brands

Travelin Outdoor

Travelin’ combines natural materials like leather and cotton with cutting edge technologies. This combination ensures on one hand that our shoes are light and waterproof but on the other keep their premium feel that our customers appreciate. Our footwear are  created for the adventurer how also likes to go outside.


Where Travelin’ is focused on being active on the outside, No GRZ is made for the opposite, urban people how are used to the pavement, ergo no gras. Yet also No GRZ is made from premium quality made to endure the cold weather and rain. With real leather and cotton the No GRZ collection is unique and ready for the urban life.


Mr. Den Broeck is obsessed by selecting finest leather and best resources for making the shoes, some of the shoe-builders (that how he calls them) are working for mr. Den Broeck for ages.
The Shoes are designed and hand-crafted in Europe. DenBroeck is available at the better retail stores around the world, due to our central warehousing and small sized company we can compete with the big boyz.


Product development

Product development

Through a broad process of creativity and knowledge we design all our products with care. Functionality, design and quality are our top priority in product development.



A proposition with high sales is not by definition successful. More important is that, at the end of a campaign, the operation should proceed well. We aim together with our partners and channels for the best possible chain, so that our operations are optimized and sales can be maximized. As for delivery methods, we do drop shipping, delivering to the end consumer, as well as warehouse delivery. This provides the most added value for the consumer.



By using dropshipment we can influence the delivery time and thereby the costumer experience of our products. We have our own warehouse where our stock is being managed and through dropshipment we can send it directly to the consumer.

Customer contact

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding our products, please click our contact form on the right. Fill in the form as accurate as possible so we can give you the best service.